of Large-Scale Choral Works


Bernadi                 Dixit Dominus           Sop solo, S.A.T.B. + Continuo

Crivelli                  O Maria Mater           S.Mez.A.T.B. + Continuo

Du Caurroy          Te Deum                     Bar solo, S.S.A.T.B.B

Dufay                     Hymns

Dufay                     The larger motets

Dvorák                   Moravian Songs         S.A.T.B. + Piano

  1. Gabrieli             In ecclesiis                 S.T.T. solos, S.Mez.A.B. + Continuo

Grandi                     Exaudi Deus             S.Mez.A.T.B. + Continuo

Ingegneri                 Tibi laus                   S.A.T.B.,S.A.T.B.

Mendelssohn          Te Deum                   S.A.T.B.,S.A.T.B. + Piano

Moulinié                 Ne reminiscaris        S.Mez.A.T.B.

Pergolesi                 Magnificat                S.A.T.B. + Continuo

Pierre de la Rue    Ave Regina                 S.A.T.B.

Pierre de la Rue     Lauda anima mea      S.A.T.B.

Saint-Saëns             Mass (Op.4)              Sop solo, S.A.T.B. + Organ + Small organ

Schutz                      German Magnificat  S.A.T.B.,S.A.T.B. (Guben MS)

Zelenka                    Four Anthems to the BVM  (ZWV 127, 128 no.2, 130, 140)
Also many shorter works


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