19 A New Gloria at Dispersal

A New Gloria at Dispersal  mj313

19th (of 19) movement of Bishop Closes High Church


Dispersal with Gloria mode III: At the closing of Holy Trinity Church, Queen Square, Bath on 27th February 2011, the now displaced members disperse to other congregations, ready and even happy to infiltrate other Anglican churches and gradually turn them towards the Anglo-Catholic wing, complete with B.C.P., K.J.B. plainsong and Angelus, and to report on the amount of support given by the Bishop of Bath and Wells. The mode III plainsong setting of the Gloria had been commissioned by a previous Rector in 1997, along with settings of the Gloria, Alleluias, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei in all eight modes, both festal and ferial, so that the musical tradition of the church could remain even when the comparitively un-poetic texts of common worship’s Ordinary were to be employed. They can all be seen on Malcolm Hill’s page on Petrucci (imslp.org). All these were composed by Malcolm Hill, but Kyries, still permitted to be sung in Greek, were left unset so that as much tradition as possible could be maintained.


Improvisation © copyright Malcolm Hill, Bath UK